Functional Capacity Exams
ADA AND EEOC Compliant Testing System

Value to Employers:

Increase profits by Streamlining the Return-to-Work Process

  • Standardized
  • Consistent data collection and reporting on a national basis
  • Sincerity of Effort Testing
  • Successful intervention regarding symptom magnification, inappropriate illness behavior, and/or fraudulent claims
  • Comparison to employment test (if utilized) to validate injury and safely return to work as quickly as possible
  • Use of ergonomic library to match essential function tests and modify duty to accommodate early return-to-work
  • Computerized technology that summarizes return-to-work capabilities automatically
  • Percentiles, coefficients of variation, assessments, quality assurance and validity are all built into software to ensure accurate reporting

Functional Capacity Exams

  • WellWorks Functional Capacity Exams were developed to meet a critical need - create a medically safe, legally compliant, scientific, and objective means of matching a worker's functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job.
  • Our system of standardized ADA/EEOC compliant pre-exams, functional capacity and carpal tunnel tests is currently being utilized by over 2,500 employers nationwide.
  • Employers utilizing FCE's in their comprehensive work injury and disability management programming are experiencing average work injury reductions of 50% during first year's implementation, with continued reductions in second and third years.
  • WellWorks recognizes the value of obtaining objective data to evaluate post-injury status. This information is invaluable to the injured worker, the clinic that needs to establish realistic treatment goals, and the employer who wants a successful managed care program that is truly objective.

Some core components of the FCE are:

  • Education and Safety Training
  • Carpal Tunnel Testing
  • Maximum Safe Lifting
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Pain Profile
  • Perceived Exertion Testing
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Level
  • Sincerity of Effort Testing
  • Inappropriate Illness Behavior
  • Symptom Magnification Testing
  • Validation Parameters
  • Endurance Projections
  • Job-Specific Testing
  • Job Capability Report
  • Static Testing
  • Upper Extremity Profile
  • Tasks Not Tolerated
  • Accommodation Report

What makes The WellWorks FCE Unique?

  • Meets APTA recommendations for FCE requirement
  • Quantifies safe functional abilities
  • Includes protocol for disability evaluation, return-to-work, case management, etc
  • Therapist makes recommendations based upon objective data collected during testing
  • Includes sincerity of effort testing
  • Includes 17 DOT non-material handling components
  • Internet-driven reports are automatically calculated and generated
  • Will accommodate any additional tests desired

When Data entry is complete, a number of menu-driven FCE reports are available at the touch of a key. These include:

  • A comprehensive version explaining test procedures
  • A condensed version documenting results and inconsistencies
  • A physician's job status report
  • A return-to-work summary
  • A time-specific billing statement
  • Sincerity of Effort Testing

The billing statement automatically lists the amount of time spent performing each component, as well as the TOTAL time that substantiates the cost of the entire test.

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